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When the pandemic hit, like many other children related services, RFK was also immediately impacted and had to close down on-site programming. RFK could not continue to offer services as normal. As the situation worsened and we dealt with the pandemic as a community, it became apparent that younger children were suffering the most isolation with no ready solutions at hand for academic and social connections. Therefore RFK Non-profit was founded n 2021 with the intention to provide online programming and other similar tools to kids learning from home. This included the idea for "RFK @ home Kits" offering arts and science ideas / projects / activities to inspire the student's creativity and help them remain engaged with hands-on learning.

This idea was the brain child of Ria (Shuchi's daughter), who was then a high-school sophomore who saw how the pandemic affected her little sister (2nd grader) and wanted to do something about it. She became the fist volunteer officer of RFK NP and since then has been working consistently towards developing the endeavor.

Ria 11th grade 2021-22.jpg
Ria Agrawal
Ria is currently a senior in High-school. She was navigating the challenges of online school herself during the pandemic. Being older, she was able to roll with the changes but saw how it adversely affected her young sister.  Ria was well versed with RFK and had always been actively volunteering her time working with the kids during summer, helping our teachers with administrative tasks and prep-work. She strongly felt that she had an available platform which gave her an opportunity to do something about the effects the pandemic was having on elementary school aged kids. She discussed her ideas with the founders and helped develop the curriculum and materials of the 'RFK @ home kits'. Passionate about science, she created the science-based curriculum and hand-picked the activities for the kits, like wood-building sets, model fossils and volcanoes, and simple experiments. While continuing to create kits, she is now pioneering a connection with First 5 Santa Clara County and local family resource centers, to serve local families and set children up for continued learning.
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